9 Unique Micro Wedding Dessert Ideas

One thing that we hear over and over that couples love about throwing a micro wedding is the fact that they can personalize every aspect of the event. This reigns especially true with the edible elements, and gone are the days when cake was the norm. In fact, more and more couples (regardless of micro or traditional wedding status) are choosing to either supplement or entirely replace a wedding cake with fun and unique dessert ideas.

When choosing a dessert for your micro wedding, think about what sweet treats have special meaning to you and your partner. Do you love camping and tend to put down 20 s’mores on every trip? Are donut Sundays a special tradition? Tying your love story to your dessert selection makes it even more romantic and fun, especially if your guests are in on the underlying message.

Here we’re giving some of the best micro wedding dessert ideas that you can feature. And don’t feel boxed in by presentation either! Think of a fun way to display these delicious delicacies, and it will always hold a special place in your heart.


Donuts are having a moment lately, and for good reason. Specialty donut shops have broken out of the glazed or chocolate mold, and launched a whole new world of gourmet treats for the world to enjoy. This makes it especially fun to have donuts at your micro wedding, since you can customize flavors, toppings, and fillings.

We suggest finding a fun donut shop nearby (or a local small bakery), and exploring their flavors. If you have a particular concoction in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if they’re willing to create it for you.

pink frosted donuts with white sprinkles

Some of the fun flavors that we drooled over while writing this article included lychee limeaid, red chili bacon toffee, and guava colada. Bottom line? No flavor is too crazy and the fun sweets will be something everyone remembers.

Candy Bar

If you and your beau are candy fanatics, then consider having an epic candy bar at your event. Candy is especially fun, because there are so many different varieties to choose from.

You can also theme your candy bar with your wedding colors, or the vibes or your wedding (think blue/turquoise for a beach wedding). Vintage candies make an especially unique presentation, and providing classic childhood throwbacks is a great way to have people reminiscing about the good old days. If you’re really looking to up the glam factor, check out sugarfina and swoop up some of their 24k gold swizzle sticks.

heart shaped gummy candy dessert

Since candy itself is bright and gorgeous, there are endless creative and beautiful ways to display your findings. Try glass jars, bowls, and even mason jars. One more positive? If you’re throwing a budget wedding, candy is a much cheaper alternative to bakery treats, and even doubles as your wedding gift if you provide cute containers that guests can fill with their favorites.

Mini Pies or Tarts

As if regular pie wasn’t enough, mini pies are both adorable and delicious. They also give you the opportunity to choose multiple flavors (because who can really choose between apple and cherry?!), so that your guests can snack to their hearts delight. Tarts are a similar treat for the couple who wants something fresh and light (this is especially spot on for a summer or beach wedding!).

mini tarts with fresh fruit

If you have a local small bakery you love, or even a coffee shop that does pastries, reach out to them and see if they would be willing to provide for your event. If you don’t have any shops close to you, you can also find them online. Little Pie Company in New York has a drool worthy mini pie sampler, and numerous Etsy sellers also carry them.

Just like your other desserts, these can double as wedding favors, especially if they’re packaged in cute mini jars or little boxes.


Cupcakes are a tried and true wedding dessert option, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. Unfortunately, mass produced cupcakes tend to have less flavor and less overall YUM. The good news for you? Since you’re holding a micro wedding and have less mouths to feed, you can really focus on flavor and texture over quantity.

On top of that, the flavor combinations here are endless. Cupcakes can be filled, topped, and bedazzled to your hearts content. We suggest visiting a handful of your favorite cupcake specialty shops, and test tasting a few of their best and most unique flavors. Since you can spend more per cupcake, you can truly get the BEST of the best.

cupcake with pink frosting and a sparkler

Cupcakes are also a great option if you’re looking for a gluten free or vegan treat to share with your guests. Since cupcakes have become much more mainstream, the GF and vegan recipes have stepped it up a notch, and you can’t even tell the difference anymore.

For a display, consider doing a cupcake tier, or having a cupcake table.

S’mores Bar

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s both delicious and interactive, a s’mores bar might be the perfect fit. This is especially true if you’re holding a backyard micro wedding, and happen to have a fire pit.

But don’t limit yourself to the standard chocolate and marshmallow pairings. Nowadays there are far too many fun options to pass up. Consider using candy bars in place of chocolate (peanut butter cup s’mores? Drool.), gourmet marshmallows, or even chocolate graham crackers. Lay out a variety of offerings, along with roasting sticks, and let your guests have fun mixing and matching epic combos.

Ice Cream Bar or Food Truck

We all know that food trucks have a reputation for having the MOST delicious food, and dessert trucks are no different. If you’re lucky enough to have a local ice cream or dessert truck, consider having them drop by your event for the dessert portion. There are trucks that serve decadent chocolate, pastries, fun ice cream flavors, ice pops, and even Hawaiian shaved ice.

Many food trucks are willing to work with a couple to personalize a fun and unique offering, so if you and your S.O. have a favorite flavor or combination that you’d like to serve, don’t be afraid to ask.

mint chocolate chip ice cream in a white dish

Don’t forget to check and see if your city requires food truck permits! The last thing you want is your special dessert being turned away at the last minute.


If you’re looking to go fun but elegant, macarons are always a good choice. Now that they’ve become a more mainstream dessert, you can find a bevy of unique and delicious flavor combinations.

purple macarons

Do your research, and find a bakery who does them right! You can choose to either build a classic macaron tower, or create a more playful set up. Since these delicate cookies are so pretty, you really can’t go wrong!

Mini Cakes

If you really want to go all out, then consider having mini cakes for each person at your wedding. Since you’re hosting far fewer guests, this option actually becomes do-able (especially if your micro wedding sits below 20 people). Your guests are guaranteed to feel extra appreciated if you customize a sweet treat just for them.

pink champagne and small pink cake with roses on top

Many local bakeries do a wonderful job creating mini masterpieces, and we promise that it’s a splurge you’ll never regret.

Mini Bundt Cakes

Old fashioned? We think not. Especially if they come in the most adorable pint sized form. Bundt cakes used to mean giant, oversized, uber-dense cakes in slightly odd molds. Now, they come in countless delectable flavors, and offer the perfect cake to cream cheese icing ratio.

Mini bundt cakes are perfect for a coupe who want a cute, poppable dessert that their guest will love.

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