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By nature, a micro wedding is an intimate affair. Unlike a larger wedding, where you might only see the majority of your guests for a brief moment, a micro wedding means you’re getting up close and personal with all of your guests for an extended period of time. This means that you might want to consider a make up look that matches the intimate vibe of your celebration.

Here, we’re outlining how to choose your perfect micro wedding make up, and what factors you might consider.

Consider the Venue

Your venue is a great first consideration when deciding what make up look to go with, along with taking into account the vibe that you’re going for through said venue. If you’re throwing a backyard micro wedding with tons of natural light, then a soft look with an emphasis on neutrals is a great choice. If your venue is more industrial chic with harsh lighting, consider avoiding heavy foundation and bold looks, as those will look cakey and overdone.

Each venue is unique, so try to envision how you can utilize the features that already exist within them to capitalize on your look.

Prep Your Skin

This is one step that many people forget when thinking about pre-wedding make up prep, but it’s an especially important one when you’re hosting a micro wedding. An intimate wedding means that you won’t be able to hide your skin as well behind a thick layer of foundation, since essentially all of your guests will be within 20 feet of you for the majority of the night.

If you have serious skin concerns like acne, aging, wrinkles, or unevenness then start your skin prep process a number of months ahead of time. Investing some money in a paid professional is well worth the cost, since they’ll be able to guide you through which treatments and products will give you the results you want.

Do NOT try any new treatments within a month of your wedding. This includes:

  • Spray tans
  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Lasers
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Harsh facials

You never know how your skin is going to react to a treatment, and you want to be sure that you’re not dealing with flaking skin, a bright orange complexion, or a frozen face on your special day.

If you’re planning to try something new, we suggest getting the first round of treatment 4-6 months ahead of your date (more if you’re planning to try something like fillers that can take longer to dissolve), which gives you plenty of time to backtrack if you’re not happy with the results.

Go Soft and Light

Soft, glowy, and romantic looks are currently all the rage with the rise in popularity of micro weddings. This is because these are the looks at are best seen up close. Sure, an over lined lip and big bold eyes look great in a photo, but consider the fact that these looks don’t translate quite as well when you’re cozied up with your loved ones.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t rock your signature red lip, or some incredible fake lashes, but balance these statement pieces out with soft and light for the remainder of your face. Also keep in mind that slight flaws that might not be noticed in a large crowd will stand out with your close group, so if you do use something like fake lashes, be sure that they’re expertly done, rather than having big glue clumps or a gap between the lashes and your lid.

Set It

As we mentioned before, even small flaws are difficult to disguise in a close setting. This means that it’s extra important to make sure that your makeup look doesn’t budge an inch throughout the event. Be sure to set your makeup (even if it’s incredibly light) with a light powder and setting spray.

Another way to make sure that your makeup doesn’t budge is by using all waterproof make up. These formulas are designed with staying power in mind, so they’ll stay perfect even after you cry your way through your vows.

As always, do NOT try a new make up brand or product on the day of your event. Start testing products in the months leading up to your event, and find the ones you absolutely love and work with your face. Shops like Sephora have great return policies, and allow you to return used make up items that just didn’t work out for you, making this process less financially painful.

It’s also smart to keep a stash of touch up items nearby, like q-tips, makeup remover, and the color of lipstick or lipgloss that you’re using (better yet, use a lip stain, which will last longer!). This will ensure that a small smudge is easily taken care of and you’ll be back to partying the night away in no time.

Turn to the Pros

If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for in terms of wedding day make up, turn to the pros. Even if you’re planning to do your day of make up yourself, meeting with a professional one or two times can be incredibly helpful in putting together the look of your dreams. They can give you recommendations on brands, products, and techniques that you can then implement and practice on your own.

Don’t just reach out to any professional either. Do some research, and find a makeup artist that specializes in the style and look that you’re going for. While most professionals will be able to ‘do’ most looks, many also specialize in a very specific look. Whether it’s ultra glam, retro, soft and natural, etc. find someone who has a portfolio that you love, and reach out.

It’s especially nice if you can find someone who specializes in looks for intimate weddings. These guys know the ins and outs of a small wedding, and exactly what things to capitalize on and avoid.

If you have the budget for it, schedule at least two appointments. That way they have the opportunity to get to know you a bit, and you can also take what they teach you, and give it a try on your own. Then, if you end up not liking the look when you practice solo, you have an opportunity to made small (or big) adjustments to find the perfect fit.

If you do choose to hire someone to do your makeup the day of, you should make at least 2-3 appointments with them. Let them know that you’re having a micro wedding, and explain what your make up goals are for your event. Do at least one or two looks with them, so that you know what you’re getting day of (and to give you the opportunity to find a new artist in case your just not clicking).

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