Minimony vs. Micro Wedding – Which is Right For You?

These days, weddings can take any size, shape, or form, which is both amazing and confusing. From micro weddings to brunch weddings, elopements, to minimonys, you might be left wondering which is right for you.

During this unknown time of COVID, small and more intimate affairs with a built in low guest count have becoming increasingly popular. So if you’re deciding between a micro wedding or a minimony (or just wondering what the heck either is), we’re breaking both down for you here.

What is a Micro Wedding?

If an elopement and a traditional wedding had a baby, it would be a micro wedding. A micro wedding is essentially a smaller version of a traditional wedding, with the guest list only being comprised of the couples absolutely nearest and dearest (a typical micro wedding would usually be no more than 50 people).

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that smaller sized means pared down. Many couples choose to not only replicate a full on wedding, but they also choose to spend more per guest, since the more condensed guest list allows for this room in the budget. This could mean an extra extravagant meal, lux wedding decor, or even putting up their guests at a hotel or airbnb.

Which brings us to our next point – a micro wedding also does not necessarily mean a cheaper wedding. While it’s absolutely possible to plan a budget micro wedding, it’s a big mistake to go into a micro wedding assuming that fewer guests will immediately equate to a smaller price tag. Part of the appeal of a micro wedding is the fact that a couple can then afford better food, drinks, decor, the venue of their dreams, etc.

What is a Minimony?

A minimony is a ceremony held in place of, or in addition to a traditional wedding. In the era of COVID-19, a minimony has been used to honor original wedding dates, while also planning for a future bash. These ceremonies are often held in a couples backyard, house, or very small venue with a limited number of guests.

A minimony is a great option if you’re finding yourself having to cancel your wedding last minute, or having second thoughts about hosting a large gathering.

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Keep in mind – if you’re leaning towards a minimony, don’t think that your house/backyard are your only options! As times are quickly changing, and the demand for smaller weddings is rising, many venues have responded by offering minimony packages. You can find a large number of hotels, trendy restaurants, and intimate spaces that are offering minimony packages, to help ensure that your day is as special as it was intended to be.

The beauty of a minimony is that you can pick and choose what elements are the most important for you in that moment. You may choose to still have a photographer to capture the moment (we highly encourage this!), serve some small refreshments, or have an intimate family meal following the ceremony.

What is a Sequel Wedding?

A sequel wedding is the more rounded out wedding experience that you throw after your minimony OR micro wedding. The sequel wedding will take place at a later date, and looks much like a traditional wedding with a significantly larger guest count.

So yes, sequel weddings can compliment both micro weddings and minimonys. In a time when we are forced to be increasingly flexible, people are altering their plans based on changes in venues, catering, guest count, and feelings of personal comfort and safety. You may choose to throw a micro wedding with 30 people you love, and then have a sequel wedding with all 200 guests you previously intended to invite (keep in mind, you’re essentially paying for two weddings here). Or you might postpone your wedding entirely, only holding a minimony with immediate family, and then putting the majority of your money towards your sequel wedding.

So… Which is right for you?

When figuring out which option is best for you, take into consideration what are the most important aspects that you wish to hold on to. Imagine when you look back at your wedding 20 years from now – what do you hope to see? If it’s a big blowout bash with everyone you’ve ever loved, then a minimony with a sequel wedding might be fore you. If you feel okay with extensively paring down your guest list, and simply wish to spend quality time with the people you love, then a micro wedding might be the best option.

Take a moment write down your biggest wedding priorities, and allow that to help guide your decision. Some couples have fully embraced the opportunity to save money, while others have just viewed their minimony as a placeholder until they can throw their dream event.

And remember, both micro weddings and minimonys have the same end goal in mind – to celebrate and honor the love and commitment between you and your partner.

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