21 Fresh and Fun Spring Micro Wedding Ideas

A spring micro wedding is the perfect way to highlight all of the natural beauty and joy that the new season brings, while also capitalizing on the lower guest count to ensure that each element is as perfect as possible.

We love the wide variety of spring colors, foods, and florals that you can incorporate, while celebrating seasonal flavors and themes.


Brunch Reception

Wedding brunch table scape with colorful flowers and brunch foods

Nothing signals the return of spring quite like a decadent brunch filled with seasonal favorites. While brunch is obviously a year long event (for good reason), there’s something unmatched about a gorgeous spring brunch featuring seasonal fruits and veggies and bright spring flavors.

Brunch weddings are increasing in popularity, so a brunch themed wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the season while also providing a wedding meal that your guests won’t soon forget. Holding a micro wedding also means that you can go all out for your favorite brunch menu items (eggs Benedict anyone?!) without spending a ridiculous amount. .

Seasonal Menu

Asparagus, peas, and zucchini dish

Part of the beauty of spring are all of the light and bright flavors that are coming back to life. After a winter filled with rich root veggies and heavy sauces, spring brings us back into the light. If you’re working with a caterer, talk with them about incorporating your favorite spring flavors into your menu. Some popular favorite flavors and ingredients to highlight are asparagus, fresh herbs, lemon, bright greens, peas, and radishes.

Seasonal Grazing Stations

Fruit parfaits displayed on acrylic
Marianne Taylor Photography

Spring produce is perfect for a wedding because not only are the flavors bright and delicious, but they also LOOK incredible. Bright pops of colors create breathtaking displays that are as fun to eat as they are to look at. A great way to find a variety of yummy spring offerings is to hit up your local farmers market. Since a micro wedding means less mouths to feed, you can really go for the unique artisanal and locally grown ingredients that exemplify spring.

Fresh Fruit

Citrus fruit slices
Kristen Kaethler Photography

You know what we missed all winter? FRESH FRUIT. And chances are, so did your guests! Spring marks the emergence of abundant delicious fresh berries, juicy melons, and bright citrus. Regardless of what meal you’re serving, make it a point to highlight fresh fruit throughout. Berries are a great addition to any salad, prosciutto wrapped melon makes a sweet and savory app, and peas and lemon brighten up any spring entree.


Berry Themed Desserts

Blackberry cake with slice missing
Heather Barnes Photography

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries – there is no shortage of delicious and bright flavors with spring berries and the options for desserts here are endless. Work with your local bakery to craft and unforgettable berry tart, cake, or parfait, and don’t forget to showcase the rich natural berry colors.

Lemon Desserts

Lemon tarts with currants
Bruna Branco Photography

If a yummy lemon tart doesn’t immediately make you think of spring, we don’t know what will. Lemon is the quintessential spring dessert flavor, and for good reason. The bright citrusy notes are reminiscent of the return of sunshine and warmth. Lemon can be highlighted in a variety of ways, from being the star of the show in a tart or cake, to sharing the stage with another spring fruit (lemon blueberry anyone?).

Hand Painted Desserts

White macarons with painted flowers on top
Great Dane Bakery

If you’re looking to get bold and bougie with your spring micro wedding desserts, then we suggest looking into hand painted desserts. Find a talented food artist near you, and have them do custom florals and spring greenery designs on a cake or macarons. Hand painting creates a light and smooth aesthetic that’s difficult to achieve through piped buttercream or fondant, and jives perfectly with the spring season.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers on merengues
Adventures in Cooking

Take your dessert decor to the next level by incorporating edible flowers. These tiny beauties will seriously up the wow factor when it comes to presentation, without having the worry of including non-edible elements on your plate. Edible flowers are surprisingly inexpensive, and can add a creative splash of color and beauty to any dessert backdrop.


Fruity Water

Flavored lemonade display
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Water stations are just about a requirement nowadays at a wedding, and spring offers the perfect opportunity to take a boring water pitcher to the next level. Spike your h2o offerings with fruit or slices of citrus for a beautiful display with purpose. The fruit will add a subtle flavor to the water, making it next level refreshing and delicious.

In Season Drinks

Grapefruit drink being poured from shaker
Fit Foodie Finds

Having a seasonal cocktail is the perfect way to highlight spring flavors while also throwing a creative spin on the usual wine and beer offerings. Some popular spring cocktail flavors include mint, lavender, cherry and even elderberry. But really, the sky is the limit when crafting a unique spring beverage. Some of the yummy drinks we spotted while browsing included a blueberry gin sour, a cherry blossom martini, and a hibiscus thyme mai tai.

Mimosa Bar

Mimosa bar display with fruits
Foodie Crush

Serving a bright and cheery mimosa bar at your spring micro wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the delicious flavors of the season. Don’t limit yourself to just orange juice as your mixer either. Less guests means that you can really splurge for some unique fresh pressed juices (think pineapple, mango, cherry, etc.) and top shelf champagne. Don’t forget fun fruit mix ins to add a pop of color and flavor as well. Cheers!


Garden Furniture

Couches set outside for wedding reception
Veronika Ward Photography

Create a gorgeous outdoor reception area with a variety of antique garden furniture. Check your local thrift shops for fun pieces – they don’t gave to match! Part of the aesthetic when combining these pieces is the mismatched look. If a piece is looking like it’s been a little too loved, don’t be afraid to give it a fresh coat of paint and bring it back to life. You’re more likely to score a bargain on a piece that’s a bit worn, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to give it a second life.

Sliced Fruit Decor

Flowers in a vase with lemons in it
Katie Brock Photography

Citrus fruits highlight the breezy pastel palette that’s often associate with the spring season. Use these naturally beautifully colors to your advantage by slicing a variety of citrus fruits and lining a clear vase or jar with them before you fill it with flowers or greenery.

All White Decor

Wedding table set with white theme

If you’re feeling bold (and brave!) consider featuring all white decor at your spring micro wedding. Play with a variety of textures and fabrics to create movement, and pick out your favorite white flowers to showcase at the tables. If all white is a little TOO much for your tastes, use the white background to highlight a spring pastel palette, like rose pink or light yellow.

Floral Arch

Wooden arbor with flowers and white sheet
New Vintage Media

Spring is synonymous with the blossoming of flowers, so what better way to celebrate this than creating a gorgeous floral arch for your outdoor ceremony (indoor works just as well!). Use a natural wood in your chosen shape as a base, and then choose to adorn it with a mix of greenery, bright spring flowers, and even sheer fabric. If you’re looking to create your own arch on a budget, this is a great opportunity to use fake flowers – they look exactly the same as the real thing!

Cherry Blossom Decor

Bride and groom standing under cherry blossom tree
Kylee Yee Photography

Cherry blossoms are easily one of the most show stopping spring flowers – and for good reason. This elegant bloom features a gentle blush and white color palette, making it perfect for a spring micro wedding. If flying to Japan to hold your spring wedding under the real thing is out of the question, then try highlighting these blooms with your table scape, lining the aisle, or even in your bouquet.

Fruit Centerpieces

Lemon centerpiece display at wedding table
Koby Brown Photography

One of the greatest things about spring fruits is that they look just as beautiful as they taste. So why not take advantage of nature’s color palette? Pile juicy blood oranges and grapefruits onto a platter to create a vibrant centerpiece. And don’t just highlight the gorgeous skins – cut the fruit in half to reveal the bright inside as well. You can also strategically place a variety of citrus fruits and berries along your table, complementing the florals that you’ve already chosen.

Lush Tablescape

Pink themed wedding table with flowers
Sanaz Photography

We always have a soft spot for an epic micro wedding table scape, made possible by the fact that you’re only covering a handful of tables, rather than 30+. Spring is the perfect season to create a full and lush table scape filled with spring blossoms, delicious greenery, and even spring fruits. Play with a variety of sizes, heights, and textures to help bring your table scape to life. And no, there’s no such thing as too many flowers when it comes to a spring scape!


Outdoor Ceremony/Reception

Bride and groom standing for ceremony in the middle of flower display
Jennifer Larsen Photography

After being cooped up for months, it’s likely that your guests will be just as eager as you to get outside and soak up the spring sunshine. The spring season is the perfect time to hold an outdoor micro wedding ceremony and/or reception. If you’re holding a backyard micro wedding, be sure to deck out your area with spring florals and beautiful pastel colors. Depending on your area, make sure you have a backup plan, just in case those spring showers try to rain on your parade!

Succulent Favors

Succulent wedding favors
Blush Wedding Photography

What better way to celebrate the season of growth and new life than to send your guests home with a sweet succulent? Since a holding a micro wedding means you’ve only invited those closest to you, take the time to include a handwritten note attached to each succulent, thanking them for the role they’ve played in your relationship. You can leave the succulents as place cards at each table, or create an adorable display for your guests to grab on their way home.

Floral Invitations

Flowers in mason jar

Adding spring flowers to your invitations is one way to welcome in the season, but why not go all out and send actual spring bouquets to your guests? Going all out with your invites is a unique micro wedding perk, since sending a small handful of bouquets is far more manageable than sending them to 100+ people. Include a sweet handwritten note with each bouquet, with all of the important details about your special day.

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